Whew that's it, we have had our first guests on the first night that we could open. A lovely young family from London wanting to celebrate the wife's birthday in the countryside with their four year old son.  
It was embarrassing, amateurish and really poor customer service asking them to wash their hands on arrival and sanitise them before going upstairs and asking them not to use the guest lounge because soft furnishings like sofas hold the virus longer. The guests were lovely and understood but I so hated doing it. My role is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible and at home and here am I suspecting them of bringing in the virus! But as usual our guests are so interesting and so friendly and so happy to be in such a nice clean, contemporary environment.  
He is a (fairly young) Economics Professor at Imperial and advises SAGE on the virus. He talked about the difficulties and the contradictions of trying to make places like our B&B safe while trying to run a business. I had to explain that the room looked rather bare because I had removed all ornaments, magazines, cushions and throws but I refused to remove the water glasses. I will not put out plastic tumblers, which is what they advise, in plastic bags for environmental reasons. Instead I will leave the room untouched for 72 hours and make up the room then, as instructed by government.  
That is not a problem just now because we have no other bookings! But if it had been a normal July it would have been impossible because we are usually full and turning round the three rooms within an hour. We have done our risk assessment of course, which is a moving feast because all sorts of thoughts keep coming up, so I can be ready to apply for the 'We're Good to Go' accreditation from Visit Britain. 
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